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There’s nothing better than saving on beauty essentials. That’s why we offer 3 bundle deals! Three bundles is usually enough for a full install for styles 18 inches or shorter. Each of our bundles are 3.5 ounces and come in a natural dark brown/ off black 1b. 

All of our bundle deals are offered in layered length sets to provide you an effortless and natural look without the hassle of additional styling. One of our most sought after products is our three bundle deal as we offer them at affordable prices to meet the needs of the average install.

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12''-14''-16'', 14''-16''-18'', 16''-18''-20", 18''-20''-22'', 20''-22''-24'', 22''-24''-26'', 24''-26''28'', 26''-28''-30''


Straight, Body Wave, Natural Wave, Loose Curl, Deep Wave, Tight Curl, Blonde


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